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Hello everyone <3

by B4bydoII Aug 26, 2016, 05:08 PM 0
Kinda sorta new? Haha *(^o^)/*

So I've been reading a lot of the people not only blogs but also the Most recent ladies on HOF. I am saddened about the situation going on here but I plan to give getting to know you guys. So I'm here to stay!

So idk but for some reason I've been back to watching that classic series HOUSE! Again! I Really loved the show during high school, and now I've gotten stuck on it again. It's not as crisp as I remember it (lol less swag). But still super interesting.

After seeing breaking bad nothing has kept my interest as mcuh lol. Stranger things is up there tho! What do you guys think? Do you have a favorite series? I would love to try something new.

Meanwhile I'll be over here dreaming of a BB sequel. (^?^)

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I have super mad love

by peachesteaches Aug 26, 2016, 03:10 PM 5
...for Adam Driver.

I know it's a bit weird and he's not generically good looking...but...uuuugh.

If you haven't already you should check out the series 'Girls' on HBO; it's really funny and his character is just a dream. In a totally dysfunctional sort of way.

aaaaaaaaaaaand he's Kylo Ren on StarWars. You can't go wrong really.

Just had loads of chinese food.

Feel sick.

Gotta wear a tight dress tomorrow.


Currently listening to: Rancid- Time Bomb...10/10 would reccomend! :)
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The Small Things that make me happy (Vlog)

by Backnow87 Aug 26, 2016, 02:46 PM 6
Hello Everyone 
I hope everyone is well today and keeping positive today! I have seen so many upsetting and worrying blogs so i thought i would try and cheer the mood up a bit. I understand its a worry time for us all but i think we should all try and keep positive!! 
So i hope you all like my vlog and it at least makes someone smile then i know i have done my good deed for the day.

Enjoy the rest of the day or night everyone.
Blog soon
Lola :)
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Awe you guys

by danielle3513 Aug 26, 2016, 02:36 PM 5
Sappy moment, coming right up. Can we do a group hug? Time for some positive stuff. No more Debbie downer.

Sometimes I get messages from folks that just change my entire thought process about something. So heart felt that it changes my life. Literally, changes my life!

There are so many moments that I confide in you guys. It is cheaper to vent here than to lie on a couch and speak to a stranger. Glad I do have friends here that will open their ears to listen to me when I need someone to lean on in the tough times.

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check this out

by H3AV3N85 Aug 26, 2016, 12:24 PM 1
Dollarnize /?share=370360
check this out guys...i have alrady arned so much cold hard cash!! It is so easy a toddlr could do it (if they know how to click a mouse button that is)lol.. I know im a dork but just try it yourself and see how simple it is to make money to put in your own pocket.. I would not steer you wrong. I tried it for myself and it worked. I know im not the only person that could use a little more money in their pocket!! If you are like me then every penny helps... so go ahead and sign up for this and watch as the money starts to pile up.
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The demise of MFI?

by Spacekitty Aug 26, 2016, 11:52 AM 3
I have so many mixed emotions, from the girls, the donors, and how the site has been going in general. I do not want to just give it all up. I joined right as the site switched owners. I thought I was doing good. I hear people (especially donors) speaking of quitting. How is this going to work? Am I just wasting my time?
Each time someone mentioned the site being funky, I would mention that I doubt the new owners would buy the site and let it rot, but what is really going on here? Yes, I have read the blogs, and now I am even more confused. I have made such amazing friends on here and to see them leave or me potentially leave once it gets too bad.... just breaks my heart. 
I'm scared accept anymore donations in fear that they will be in limbo for God knows how long. Someone please message me with some truth or even the slightest bit of hope. 
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READ THIS!!! Guys & Gals!!!

by mama2four89 Aug 26, 2016, 11:47 AM 8
I will be working directly with MFI, I will help you guys with as much support as I can. 
HOF Ladies: I am currently putting together a spreadsheet for the girls that have not been paid. And we will start paying them asap. We will call and pay your surgeon directly with a CC. However, I need everyone's model agreement again, those were NOT transferred to John when he bought the company. Please scan them or take CLEAR pictures of them and send them to my e-mail ASAP! I also need your quote as well. Please send me a copy of your Driver's Lisence or ID. After we get the girls paid that have already downloaded the Model Agreement, the following HOF'S surgeons will be paid directly with a Cashier's Check or Money Order. We will mail the payment out after an account review is completed. I will need the surgeon's mailing . International HOF'S surgeon's will be paid with a wire transfer.
Guys: CC processing will be up shortly. 
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The Google Effect...

by Woob86 Aug 26, 2016, 10:07 AM 7
So... i was thinking today... not like me at all huh??  (sorry to blog hog btw.. but i have to get this out of my brain!)
I have done little else other than contemplate what is going on here..with MFI... as i imagine quite a few of you guys and gals are too! 
And... you know when you get ill... and Google your symptoms? Well... pretty much every time, Google will inform you that you have days to live because you have some kind of life threatening illness.... almost always... this is a total exaggeration...... This is what i am calling 'The Google Effect' 
Think you may see what i am gettting at here?? 
Whilst we are correct to be suspicious... perhaps... by Googling names we have really come up with far more information than necessary?? 

I have re read the message i have received this morning.. and not sure if i am being extremely gullable... but it really does appear to be genuine!! 
Again... digging has thrown up some unwanted results... but...
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I'm a loser, baby.

by MomO3 Aug 26, 2016, 06:59 AM 6
WEIGH IN RESULTS - *drum roll please*
Weight: 145.6
Muscle Lbs: 62.2
Body Fat: 22.7%
With that being said - My total muscle gain was 3.6 lbs....which is what I needed to win.
Well, guess who didn't even place top 3?  This girl.
Here's how that went down....they call out 3 names.  Basically a 2nd place, then 2 girls who tied for 1st place.  
These are names that werent at the top of the Top 25 list...ever. So i wasnt worried about them.  I'm talking, one wasnt on the list at all and the other was like number 18.
Anyways - they say "The winners with 3.6 lbs of muscle gain are......"

And it wasnt Heather.
***UPDATE*** Just found out that one of the winners only gained 3.3 lbs of muscle. 
I was trying to keep my face from looking like I clap, smile, what have you....
but when it was over - i ask my trainer, "What was my final numbers, again?" 
She begs me not to be pissed....I explain ...
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I dont blog!

by TatianaE Aug 26, 2016, 06:12 AM 8
So after reading blog after blog after blog I am just utterly in a bi-polar state as one is up and the next down! Really I am the biggest pessimist here so I am still not believing a word Mr A or Mr B is feeding us spoon after spoon but still I guess I worked my ass off to be where I am so I still have this little grain of hope very very VERY deep inside me that they are good honest people that wont screw us all over and run a GOOD growing moneymaking business into the ground! 
Everyone is digging so I could not help myself, as one other lady said its a VIRTUAL OFFICE number so I looked it up and came across something which could either be seen as bad or just ok it was used for a scam and now being repurposed... The number that is now used for the new MFI "office" was once used by Tri Star Financial LLC which is on the scam lenders list for 2012.. Obviously that is not going on anymore so they repurpose the number year after year and that just shows you how easy it...
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