It seems that there is some confusion about how the whole payment process works. So here is an explanation that will hopefully shed some light on the process.

First of all we pay the doctors directly. Any doctor that accepts credit cards (most all do) will accept payment from MyFreeImplants. Some of the few remaining doctor’s offices that haven’t yet heard of us may not understand how our process works, but don’t worry, any time we encounter one of those docs a quick phone call to them explains everything.

Now, once your reach your goal on the website several things happen. First your account gets added to the Hall Of Fame list (a.k.a. Hooterville) congratulations! Once that happens you are no longer eligible for donations, and any benefactor that had contributed to you by way of donations will now be able to message you for free so that you can keep the conversation going and keep the friendship going. Next we will review your account history, messages, donations, pictures, blogs, etc… to ensure that there are no outrageous violations of our terms or misconduct. At that point we’re also looking for any financial risks and any potential fraudulent charges. I won’t go into this screening process in detail (security through obscurity) but we evaluate all contributions to assess the risk factor for a charge coming back as unpaid. Once this initial review takes place and if everything checks out, you will be sent your paperwork. The paperwork includes a liability waiver form, a model agreement form, and a payment agreement letter for your doctor. You must then sign the two forms, have them notarized and send them back to us along with a photo ID, and a copy of your doctors estimate.

The above process can take anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks depending on your location, our work load, your timeliness in returning the paperwork, etc…

The payment agreement letter will have a date of payment on it. This date is based on 60 days from the date you reached your goal. This letter is not a contract, it is simply a letter for your doctor letting them know that MyFreeImplants will be making payment on your behalf. The 60 day waiting period is designed as a cooling off period to make sure all funds clear. The cooling period is a minimum of 60 days, and a maximum of 180 days. We always do what we can to make sure it’s on the lower end of the scale. Sometimes once a couple billing cycles pass and the smoke clears it turns out a few transactions get reversed. It’s rare, but it can happen. In that situation (depending on the amount) we may require you to reactivate your account to raise the additional money. Again, rare but it could happen, and has happened in the past. If a transaction does come back as unpaid, that means we don’t have access to that money any longer. If we don’t have that money, we can’t pay that money out. Pretty simple. Technically yes, we probably could — but that’s taking a big risk that we may never see that money. Again, this is all about minimizing our risk so that OTHER PEOPLE from the website that are on their way to reaching their goals don’t have to suffer any hardships because we made a bone headed move and took too big of a risk just to appease you.

Despite what people may think, it’s not about holding the money for x number of days to collect interest, because 60 extra days of interest isn’t going to make a whole lot of money. It’s all about protecting the company, protecting the website, and most importantly protecting the OTHER PEOPLE who are also trying to realize their dreams. We simply cannot and will not take risks that put the entire operation at risk.

We understand that you are anxious for your surgery and that you’ve been dreaming about this day for many many years. Our intention is not to drag the process out and make you wait longer. Our intentions are in the best interest of EVERYONE as a whole, not you as an individual — even though you are included in that group of ‘everyone’.

So, when it says on your payment form that payment will be made on such and such date, that means we will do our absolute best to do what we can to make payment on that date. But you should not EXPECT payment sooner. Sometimes, based on an accounts history and payment patterns, we can and will release money for a consultation fee sooner. Likewise, sometimes based on an accounts history and payment patterns, we can and will release money for a deposit sooner. But all of that is pending a banks final approval on the funds. Once they give us the sign-off saying ‘yup, the money is yours’ that’s when the money becomes yours (er, the doctors I should say). Early payments are made on a case by case basis. If you were lucky enough to reach your goal really fast, you will most likely have to wait the full duration for payment since there is more risk. if you’ve been here a long time there is far less risk.

This post isn’t targeted at any individual in particular. But sometimes people fail to realize that our job is to focus on the bigger picture, while you the individual are obviously focused on yourself, which is understandable as you’re not the one running the website. Just please don’t throw a fit when thing don’t pan out EXACTLY the way you want, be flexible and it’ll make everyone’s lives a little less stressful. If you reached your goal, you will get your implants. I promise.


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    Casey Says: May 23, 2007 at 2:15 pm

    I think this is a great post by Jason, because really the girls have no idea how this works. I mean I didn’t even know about the 60-day waiting period until I was going at my goal for a couple of weeks. And the only way I found that out was from one of the other girls’ blogs…and I think a benefactor told me about it, too. So this will give girls a “heads up” of how things are supposed to go. We get a false sense of a time line thinking that it is only 60 days also. For example, my doctor requires full payment two weeks before surgery. So for me…that means 60 days, plus the two-week period the doctor requires (unless the doctor will waive that, but I doubt it). The thing is though–I guess it is not really something to be concerned about until you are really close to your goal—but let me warn you…once you get to your goal there is just TOO MUCH EXCITEMENT! LOL! I mean…I really hope I didn’t prompt this post since I have been asking Jason and Jay “when for this? and when for that?” He he!! I’m just too excited guys! So anyway–thanks for posting this–as I think it will give all a better understanding–girls and benefactors–of how one gets boobies after getting to their goal!

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    Jay of MyFreeImplants Says: May 23, 2007 at 2:28 pm

    It was not in response to your or anyone in particular. We just wanted to better communicate how the payment process works to everyone on the website. We would love to pay for surgeries immediately but it’s in the best interest of the entire community that we take the above precautions. Hopefully this will clear up an uncertainty about the process.

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    Jayne Says: May 23, 2007 at 2:41 pm

    I have a question about confidentiality. I realize there is no protection of confidentiality between the girls and the site, but what about between the girls and their doctors? Obviously, there is SUPPOSED to be confidentiality involved in medical procedures and billing, but people talk. Does the payment come from “My Free Implants” or is there another name that is used? In other words, is there a way for the doctor/hospital to find out how a patient funded her surgery?

    In a small town, people talk…and I know that just *being* here is a risk of being “exposed,” so to speak — but it’s a gamble, which means there’s a good chance no one would ever have to know how someone paid for their implants.

    I’m not explaining myself very well — but I hope this makes sense!

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    Jayne Says: May 23, 2007 at 2:42 pm

    And by the way, thanks for posting this. It is helpful to have things clarified.

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    Jay of MyFreeImplants Says: May 23, 2007 at 4:06 pm

    I don’t believe method of payment falls under doctor-patient confidentiality. I can tell you that a number of doctors verified (to NBC News) MyFreeImplants paid for surgeries at there facilities. Although, at our request, NBC did not report those names.

    I understand your concerns about living in a small town and people talking, etc. Many doctors don’t know where or how the payment is made. As long as they get paid I doubt they care. It’s usually the office manager or receptionist who takes payment anyways. If you’re worried about them telling the whole town I would get surgery in a major city where you wouldn’t be known.

    The flip side of worrying about being “exposed” is the website must have success stories in order to be credible. When CBS, NBC, Telemundo, etc, calls and wants proof the website isn’t fraudulent and only 3 of 20 women are willing to talk to them, it really makes it hard. A big part of the success of MFI is that it does work and women do get the procedure done for no cost, with the doctor of their choice. If we’re not able to use that information to promote the site, we don’t have a lot to stand on.

    We understand that being open about this website isn’t for everyone but it’s getting increasingly hard to find reliable success stories to speak to the press and/or remain active after they reach their goal (A BIG THANK YOU TO THOSE THAT HAVE) Thus, willingness to proivde interviews is likely going to become one of the new “higher standards” we’ve been discussing. This may turn some people away (and that’s totally understandable) but it’s an essential part of giving back to keep the community alive and kicking for future members.

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    Trish Says: May 23, 2007 at 5:20 pm

    I feel that we should be allowed to at least have our deposits and consultation fees paid! UPFRONT! Take for instance me…I made it in around 90 days and I know for a fact some of the money was cleared long before I made my goal. I can’t even schedule a day until I have $100 to pay a deposit…so for me I have to wait 60 days for the $100 (since policy states I cant pay for any portion of the procedure)then try to schedule my consultation and then try and schedule my procedure! Sounds like there needs to be an amendment for deposits and consultation fees! It was already embarrassing enough to get sent out of the doctors office with the letter and them saying “Never heard of that program or site and we will have to speak with someone from the organization to verify if they are even legit!” I mean seriously is this sites finances so fragile that the two people that made it on my month could break the site? My total was $145 bucks and the waiting process could very well be longer than the time it took me to make my goal!

    Is there something that can be done by the site to at least set back a consultation fee and deposit for the girls or change the policy and allow the girls to pay for this out of their pocket and then the site allow a reimbursement check or something?

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    Cowboys Angel Says: May 23, 2007 at 5:49 pm

    If I or any of the other girls or men here were to do a interview for you would it be posible to not have our names or at least last names and pictures used ?

    I personaly ask this because I would love to do a interview for you but My husband is in the military and Even though I love MFI and all the wonderful people i have met on here. I truely do not believe his command would look kindly at me or especially my husband for advertiseing a military spouse being on MFI.

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    Juicy Says: May 23, 2007 at 6:41 pm

    Thanks for posting this Jason and or Jay! This will give the girls a better idea of what to expect. I know I was one of them that bugged the shit out of these guys with the payments and so forth! I was lucky enough with my doc, he actually required a $500 deposit in order to book a date but he waived that because of MFI and let me schedule the appointment. Now with that said, let me say this to the girls as well! I couldn’t scheldule my date until after April 18th…. I could have schelduled it for a bit earlier than the May 4th but I didn’t as in main part if I had scheduled it for April 19th then that wasn’t giving them time enough to make the payment and the doc get it and it clear with my doc’s office! I wanted to make sure on my end as I know you always have to look out for number 1 and I didn’t want to have my date rescheduled either so I went for the one a bit far off from the 60 days….I really hope I am making sense here with trying to explain this…I know it is exciting and stuff because now you have your money and now you want your boobs…TRUST ME I KNOW THE FEELING, but honestly you have waited this long for them and 60 days actually goes by quicker than you would think…lol! But honestly my opinion once you get the date after you can schedule your date…I would put it off for another week or two so that way your doc can recieve payment and it clears with them and so forth. You have been patient this long so just find a bit more patients with this and with the guys! They are after all looking out for themselves as well as for each one of you that is reading this!

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    Casey Says: May 23, 2007 at 7:16 pm

    Hi Cowboy Angel! I can see your concern about the military spouse thing. However, you may be surprised–my husband has been in the military a while. He gave the website address to all the guys who worked for him and they just kind of emailed it around to each other while they were on deployment. Now…I am thought of as the “cool”, hot wife! He didn’t mind them looking–I’m just wondering if any of them were my benefactors since anyone can use an “alias”! LOL! However—at the Homecoming I got some big smiles from people who I didn’t know!

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    Drone Says: May 23, 2007 at 8:11 pm

    Two quotes that I think are more related than the operators of this site realize:

    “But sometimes people fail to realize that our job is to focus on the bigger picture, while you the individual are obviously focused on yourself, which is understandable as you’re not the one running the website. Just please don’t throw a fit when thing don’t pan out EXACTLY the way you want, be flexible and it’ll make everyone’s lives a little less stressful. If you reached your goal, you will get your implants. I promise.”

    “The flip side of worrying about being “exposed” is the website must have success stories in order to be credible. When CBS, NBC, Telemundo, etc, calls and wants proof the website isn’t fraudulent and only 3 of 20 women are willing to talk to them, it really makes it hard.”

    Flexibility is always a two-way street. The problem is that once the goal has been met, the women who meet their goal are basically at the mercy of the doctor and the site. The doctor won’t budge an inch and neither will the site. It’s left to her to try to work out the issues between the two or to live with whatever scheduling snafus are created because of conflicting rules by the doctor’s office and the website. They are trapped and powerless at the very moment when they’ve finally achieved their goal. Imagine how that must feel.

    Wonder why so few women are willing to speak on behalf of the site? I don’t. I don’t think they’re treated badly exactly, but I don’t think they’re celebrated either. There have been some recent steps in the right direction with the hall of fame and free messaging, but I think there could be more.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m a fan and supporter of the site, but that doesn’t mean I think it’s perfect. Nothing in life is. When a girl has earned several thousand dollars and needs a deposit, I think the right thing to do would be to pay. I think the site needs to be a little more magnanimous and, dare I say it, flexible, with helping the successful girls not only achieve their dream but do it without crying or pleading or begging their benefactors to intercede.

    This message is quick to point out that everyone who has succeeded has received her implants. That also means that everyone who has been asked for more verification must have succeeded as well. Obviously either of those could stop being true at some point, but if we are to take one as proof of good intention, then why not the other?

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    Samantha Grace Says: May 23, 2007 at 8:14 pm

    Wow, I have a lot of questions about payments now I am flying acrossed the country to get my boobs. Done I do not want to fly back and forth a dozen times so, I will email Jason and Jay more about it. All that flying could become very expensive for me.

    But anyways, nothing against any of the girls. But I think if you sign up, you should be willing to do interviews. It’s only fair. Guys you already know, I am always willing to help you out. If you need someone to interview, I will do it.

  • 12
    Samantha Grace Says: May 23, 2007 at 8:32 pm

    One more thing, I think before girls go into signing up. I think MFI should explain this process. That way fewer girls are confused and fewer leave the site later on.

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    Jason: MyFreeImplants Says: May 23, 2007 at 9:12 pm

    Jayne: The payment does come from MyFreeImplants, but to them it’s just a credit card, so I doubt that there is any way to find out how it was paid for.

    Cowboys Angel: Regarding privacy, just like on the website you could always choose to use an alias for any interviews. Any decent reporter will respect that decision. And we never give out anyones contact information to any reporter without first getting your permission — and verifying the reporters credentials

    Trish: we will work with you off-line to figure out a way to get your deposit paid sooner. Like I said it’s a case by case basis.

    Drone: It’s a balancing act for us. What if a girl reaches her goal in 1 week? That’s a huge red flag. Obviously it would be far too risky to make a deposit in that situation. How about 2-weeks though? 2-months? Where do we draw that line of what is reasonable? Like you said, nothing is perfect. We realize that. And each time we do this we learn a little bit more about what works and what doesn’t to help us get closer to perfect. There never used to be a 60-day waiting period, but we almost got burned once. We learned, and adjusted and I think 60-days seems reasonable compromise.

    Obviously we would love for everyone to have a pleasant and enjoyable experience here from start to end. It’s in everyone’s best interest, we realize that and we’re constantly working towards that goal.

    Samantha: We’ll also handle your situation off-line.

  • 14
    Drone Says: May 24, 2007 at 3:54 am

    It’s not a balancing act, it’s a spurious argument. No one has done it in a week.

    The deposit seems to be a sore spot in many cases. How about a simple rule that says MFI will pay a deposit up to 3% for every month (typically that’s about $100-150 per month) you were active on the site to a maximum of $500 or something similar?

  • 15
    Jay of MyFreeImplants Says: May 24, 2007 at 6:51 am

    Drone: We have paid deposits in the past but I think it got dicey when we had a huge portion of our funds put on hold. They are still being held by a former credit card processor for another month. Paying deposits will get more consistent. Jason and I discussed a similar sliding scale last evening. Depending on how much the member brings in, and how fast, they will be allocated a set portion towards a deposit.

    Bottom line, look for better communication of the payment process and a improved system of delivering funds for deposits.

    Thanks for all your input!

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    Jessica Says: May 24, 2007 at 7:15 am

    My personal feelings on this issue are if you are going to be on the site, why not let it be known? As far as, “In a small town, people talk…and I know that just *being* here is a risk of being “exposed,” so to speak — but it’s a gamble, which means there’s a good chance no one would ever have to know how someone paid for their implants.” or “there a way for the doctor/hospital to find out how a patient funded her surgery?”
    If you are really worried about people knowing, maybe you shouldn’t join the site. Does it really matter how someone pays for the implants? I also don’t think the doctor or hospital could care less about where the money comes from! Money is money to them $$$.
    I tell everyone about this site, and I am not embarrassed in any way. As you can see on the NBC6 TV interview, my full name and location were given. I have nothing to hide. So if privacy is a concern to people, or if you are worried about what “other people think”, maybe voyeurism isn’t for you! Just my thoughts!

  • 17
    Sidney Says: May 24, 2007 at 9:27 am

    I think it’s all up to the person,some of us tell everyone and some of us tell no one.As for me I tell my dad every time I get a donation..He tells me maybe one day I will have boobs like my mom (did)and sisters do.LOL So for those of us that do tell we can make up for the ones who don’t want to or in some cases can’t when it comes to the interviews and such..I truly enjoy all my friends here and can’t wait to tell the world or who ever will listen to me about my new boobs and how MFI guys did it for me!!

  • 18
    Samantha Grace Says: May 24, 2007 at 12:26 pm

    Sidney, that’s funny your father knows as well. Mine does, and he says my mom would have wanted to be on this site as well. But she never wanted to be in the public eye, so it wouldn’t have been worked. My dad doesn’t care as long as it make me happy.

  • 19
    Jayne Says: May 24, 2007 at 4:14 pm


    Since you quoted my comment, I will reply directly to you.

    It’s all a matter of perspective. I certainly don’t judge the women who join MFI and are happy to share that with the world. I think it’s great — and in an ideal world, no one would ever be judged for their personal choices. Not everyone is wired the same way, however. Personally, I have no problem with what I’m doing. I just know that my boss would. It’s not up to anyone else, however, to decide if it’s worth that risk.

    I think it’s safe to say that some people would prefer to keep their “internet life” private. Just as there are people who are on adult personals/networking websites, they wouldn’t want their bosses, parents, etc. to know. I don’t see how this is different. I don’t think it’s wrong to wish to remain as anonymous as possible. In fact, I think it’s incredibly foolish to share a real name and location with total strangers. Perhaps if you have children someday, you’ll understand why. There are thousands of men on this site. 99% of them have the best of intentions. It’s great that you aren’t worried about the 1% who might flip out and stalk you — seeing as how they know your name and where you live. It’s very brave.

    It has less to do with having “nothing to hide” than it does having “nothing to protect.” I joined the site in October without really considering the risk. The longer I am here, the more I realize the implications. However, my dream of surgery is no different from anyone else’s. I am just as eager.

    If I were “found out,” so to speak, I would deal with the fallout. I am not ashamed of my involvement with the site. I just live in the real world — where people *do* judge others — and where it being judged impacts their lives in very real ways. Do you remember the story of Catherine Bosley? She lost her job because she participated in a wet t-shirt contest…and someone thought it would be neat to post photos on the internet.

    Lastly, I am 33 years old with two children and a slightly public career. I would prefer to keep them both. To suggest that it has something to do with not being right for “voyeurism” is naive. I’m willing to take risks — to a point.

    ….but just because someone goes into a casino doesn’t mean they want to empty their bank account.

  • 20
    Cowboys Angel Says: May 25, 2007 at 12:50 pm

    Well said Jayne!

  • 21
    Samantha Grace Says: May 25, 2007 at 10:05 pm

    That is why this site may not be for everyone. I feel if you are afraid of the risk and are questioning them. Maybe this site isn’t for you. I am not trying to be mean or nasty, or I am not trying to get you to leave the site. But if you are questioning that you are putting your career and family on the line. This site may not be for you.

    I have nothing to lose here. But if I did, I probably wouldn’t be here.

  • 22
    Jessica Says: May 26, 2007 at 5:29 am

    Thank you Samantha, that is exactly what I was trying to say. I was not trying to me nasty in my first post, and I am sorry if you felt that way. I refuse to live my life in fear. I guess the concealed weapons permit takes care of that for me! My dad (lawyer and politician) and mom (real estate agent) both know that I am on the site and support me 100%. Infact, if I do go to Erotica (Still checking on plane tickets) my dad wants to go too! Thanks again Jason & Jay for explaining the payment process!

  • 23
    Jessica Says: May 26, 2007 at 7:05 am

    Having plastic surgery is a very common thing and I understand that breast augmentation may be a more personal surgery than getting a rhinoplasty, but its not unethical or immoral. I dont believe that anything is wrong with having plastic surgery. A lot of people seem to have come to that conclusion, just look at television shows such as “Dr. 90210,” “Nip/Tuck,” “The Swan.” These shows about plastic surgery fascinate audiences and show us the plastic surgeon’s ability to give us our dream bodies. Also it is very obvious when people go from an A/B to a D or bigger.

    Infact I read an interesting article online about military surgery perks! It is true: personnel in all four branches of the military and members of their immediate families can get face-lifts, nose jobs, breast enlargements, liposuction, or any other kind of elective cosmetic alteration!