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Since 2005 MyFreeImplants has been the only trusted source for breast augmentation at no cost. Below are few comments from the thousands of women who have benefited from this revolutionary website. The service worked for them,and it can work for you!

surgery went great!!!

by gurlwithtats12 Mar 31, 2016, 06:52 PM 3
so my life has been pretty crazy i moved into a new place right before i had surgery so everything was just crazy with appointments and such and then trying to move on top of that... i want to tell the other girls that if your planning on having surgery in a different state be prepaid to do alot of paperwork and make sure you are in good contact with your cordinator for surgery. so i flew from ny to miami to have them done and its been a week today i was very sore and out of it for the first three days today has been the first day i have actually felt ok... i am beyond hapy with the result and i cant wait to show all of  you my after pictures :) thank you all sooooo much for helping me get my self esteem back i am one very happy woman!!!
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Wish i had found this site sooner x

by Woob86 Mar 19, 2016, 05:41 PM 3
Not only for the obvious reasons... the boobs of course.... but now it has gone beyond that..... the friendships i have developed are just so so precious. I hope i never lose these friends i have made. On my low days... you are here....on my good days you are here! Whatever time... there is always someone wonderful here... to chew the ear off 
There are a couple in particular (you will know who you are) who are completely selfless...and listen to me, advising and reassuring me.  
A special person in particular actually made me cry today.... with a kind of happiness... just because he made me feel SO special!
Instead of feeling down for days on end... i am snapped out of it pretty quickly... and back to feeling great again. 
So for those who judge this site... i hope you realise... its much deeper than the outset... amazing friendships are developed and not only myself but i am sure the guys and other girls too....can really be dragged out of dark, emotional moments....
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by newb00biesplz Mar 17, 2016, 11:41 PM 1
I am beyond blessed to have such amazing friends on this site. I was having a rough night tonight after some family drama and some of my friends on here went above and beyond in cheering me up. From making me laugh to saying a prayer for me and providing comfort. That's all I needed and could ever ask for. I'm stunned to see how genuine and kind these men are, and that they care so much for me. I'm so thankful for the amazing people I have met on this site. I'm extremely happy with my decision to become a part of the MFI community (although I would like to call it a family bc I feel so close to a lot of you) not just bc of the ability to achieve my dream but bc I've made so many friendships that I pray last long past HOF. I can't imagine leaving this site and all my wonderful friends after I reach my goal of getting implants. These friends have truly impacted my life and I'm forever grateful. Thank you to everyone who has supported me on my journey and I'd also like to give a special t...
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I really love talking to the men on MFI and I don't talk to guys outside of here lol!

by Graciexox Jan 30, 2016, 09:39 PM 9
Wow I just noticed something really cool that I honestly find guys my own age so disgusting and immature and I find myself only talking to the gentleman on MFI. I just find that the men on here are so much older and more mature and to me that is very attractive because they are wise, handsome,smart,  and not immature little boys like most 19 year olds are getting with right now. I am honestly so thankful for finding this website because I completely have no interest in guys my own age. I have only ever had one real boyfriend and at the end of that is where I first joined MFI and It has honestly been the best choice I have ever made. I love older mature men, they are amazing and I will never stop loving them.
Much love always
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5k omg thank you!!!!!!!!

by brandygirl Jan 29, 2016, 04:31 PM 4
omg you guys i have finally reached 5k!!!! and it is all thanks to you wonderful benes!!!  i am so happy right now i would cry but i just did my makeup hahaha!!! this is amazing, all you benes and girls are so nice and awesome!!!! it is starting to feel like my goal is so within reach!!! i know i'm just rambling like an idiot haha i'm trying to get this blog out before my sis gets here with her bf's kids who unlike my kid can actually read so i can't be on here when they are here haha i have to be sneaky and check on my tablet....anyway idk what else to say but thank you, thank you!!!!!
xoxo brandy
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