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Red in the face ....

by returnofthenat Sep 01, 2016, 11:40 AM 1
so after visiting the  ladies room, I discovered a rip in my skirt, on of all places the bottom. .... how long has that been there? literally going red in the face of sheer embarassment and no one is here in the room with me haha. Had meetings today and evertyhing, even went outside , come on people tell me.,, oooh the shame! side note , I cant tell a porkie for this reason, the colour of my skin gives it away.
I was really hoping everything would be back to normal, wishful thinking.
P.S  I have been invited to a Halloween party alrready can you believe, I am thinking of going as Leather face haha I'm not really the sexy dress up type on Halloween :P
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by Mystii Sep 01, 2016, 11:25 AM 2
I am going to be as open as possible. I have had a very interesting life. Many experiences that others may not every fathem. I wouldn't change anything, except for one thing. Being so lonley.
I have been married and felt lonlieness I have been alone and felt lonlieness. I enjoy people I do, but I don't tend to share to much about myself. Maybe it's a fear of being judged. Maybe I just don't want everyone to look too deeply into who I am.
I do miss just everyday conversations. I miss laying my head on someone's chest and feeling secure and falling asleep. I miss taking care of someone. Cooking for them, making them smile. 
I guess I miss feeling needed. I want to share my life with someone I trust and they trust me. It's hard to be on your own in this day and age. I struggle with the day to day like many others do. But I will keep going forward.
I have learned that I cannot control what has happened. Once it's done it's done. No use in being upset, it won't change anything.&nbs...
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Throwback Thursday Tongue Twister x (Pics)

by MimiGlam0urTS Sep 01, 2016, 08:19 AM 2
Now, now don't be guys tell me often enough what you'd like to wrap your tongues around........let's keep that kind of imagination for the "private blogs"
The trouble with being a self professed selfie addict, is you forget what you've taken & when you've taken it. One of my social media accounts reminded me these shots are from 2014. I could have sworn they were only 6 months old.
So here's your #ThrowbackThursday tongue twister .....
"Mimi in a Mini Minnie Mouse Mini"
Kisses Mimi x

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September 1st ! x (Pic)

by MimiGlam0urTS Sep 01, 2016, 03:02 AM 6
It's the 1st day of Autum :(
Well that's the official line from the Met Office but I think we will have another 7 weeks of sun to go, then grey skies, wind & rain will arrive :(
Today I'm off to the gym to burn off these gorgeous cakes I scoffed while watching Bake Off last night ;)

Once back from the gym, it will be the usual dog walking duties & then I'll be getting ready to go on cam.
I'll will most deffinately have this on loop in the background as I get on with my day.

Kisses Mimi x
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Guys things have been looking up so much

by EricaM33 Sep 01, 2016, 12:51 AM 7
I know I'm not on a lot. It's going to be this way probably until my husband goes back to work!!! Which maybe several more months considering he's most likely getting a hip replacement (at 31!!!) and maybe a second surgery on his wrist. It's just too hard to get on with him around 24/7!
I have uploaded some newer pic sets and they may have been more racey than those in the past.

Well anyways, ever since my husband and I had that talk a few weeks ago- everything in my life has improved. I've had some bad stressed out days. The doctor has put me on some Medication and I've been trying different things out and tapering off other stuff and oh my gosh it's been messing with me badly. So I get stressed crazy easily.

However, ever since that talk my husband and I are getting along so great. He's like actually my friend again. Where there was a sense of impending doom, there's now a glimmer of hope. I have an overall sense of everything's going to be okay. Everything's good and every...
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Some story

by B4bydoII Aug 31, 2016, 11:19 PM 0
Overall today was pretty good, the last few days were kind of slow. Which is nice now and then since otherwise my life is pretty hectic. It's usually a blessing I don't get enough of. I'm the type of girl who loves cuddling on the couch with my (non existent) other half haha.

So. Apart from being mainly slow I got another offer I've had a handful of times now. To live in and work in Japan. Being that I've gotten this offer a few times I'm still not sure how to handle it.

Sometimes I like the idea of running away, spending my life somewhere completely beautiful and different- a entirely new start. Other times I just feel like there's something holding me back. Telling me don't go yet- you still have things or something here for you, it's important so don't miss this.

At the same time it could all be in my mind, my own insecurity holding me back from something great. Hopefully I can figure it out stat.

All offers expire :p
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Some story

by B4bydoII Aug 31, 2016, 11:14 PM 0
So today was pretty good, the last few days were kind of slow
And I'm the type who's okay with that now and then since other
Wise my life is pretty overwhelming and busy down time is usually
A blessing I don't get very often. I'm the type who loves cuddling
On the couch next to my (non existent) other half lol.

So. Apart from being mainly slow I got an offer I've had a handful
Of times now. To live in Japan. being that I've gotten this offer a
Few times I'm still never sure how to handle it.

Sometimes I like the idea of just running away and spending my
Life somewhere beautiful and different- starting over. Other times
I just feel like there's something holding me back. Nagging at me
Not to make this jump like there's something better for me here.

At the same time I think that could just be my own insecurity
Holding me back. Hopefully I can figure it out stat.

All offers expire :p
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Saddest Day of My Life

by DarlingNikkiM Aug 31, 2016, 09:17 PM 5
I want to apologize for this sad blog, but this was my day and this is how I'm feeling...sad, alone, and brokenhearted  
Nearly 2 yrs ago, my kitty (Boots) had a stroke and luckily survived it. Maybe it's true that cats have 9 lives? She came back from her stroke and was about 90% back to her normal just slowed her down a bit. I adjusted my life and my surroundings to accomodate her needs, as any loving parent would do for a sick child.
Recently, my kitty took a turn for the worse and went down hill fast. Last week I was blogging about her skating across my floor because she was having difficulty walking.
Today, she (Boots) could not walk at all! She couldn't move let alone stand. She wouldn't eat or drink. She allowed me to hold her without any fuss or struggle, and I could see in her eyes the pain and confusion she was feeling. It became clear to me fast that I had to be unselfish and do something immediately to help her.
I picked up my mother and we rushed to the ...
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Life currently and a little background about me

by GorgeousGem Aug 31, 2016, 08:27 PM 3
Hello everyone I wanted to give you the gist of all that is going on in life so far and a little more about me.
I am from Hawaii but recently lived in Colorado for three years, and I absolutely love it there. I fell in love with Colorado. All the people there are uplifting and the activities to do are endless. Going on a nice hike was always the best it's so beautiful and peaceful. I started snowboarding last winter and it was the most challenging thing I have done in the life. But also the most rewarding. It is so amazing to fly down a mountain on your snowboard and see the views. I still live at home with my parents and am working on getting my shit together to make a life on my own. Don't get me wrong I am so blessed to have the parents that I have. They let me stay under their roof and always make sure I am well taken care of. I am more than thankful for them and have no idea how I can ever repay them! I am just ready to start my life and be an independent adult. 
I graduate...
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Donations :(

by ljadex Aug 31, 2016, 03:46 PM 6
hi guys, I'm so sorry I have been inactive recently.. I got into a relationship and things moved quite quick, the guy was quite controlling to say the least and did not support my journey here on MFI so out of respect I decided to take a brake from here and see how things went after all who doesn't want a happy ever after, 
anyway the relationship got too much for me and I called it off for mine and my sons sake, I have logged into my account to find that nearly all my benefactors have taken back their donations from me. I am so upset I can't describe how I feel right now. I fully understand if you think I what given up on here but I havent I want this so bad more than any thing
im sorry xxx
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