On April 25, 2015 Alice Ann reached her goal and joined the MFI Hall of Fame. It took her about 4 months to raise the $6,300 for her goal. Her friends say “Really fun, witty and sexy girl. It is intriguing to chat with her from the beginning and it just gets more interesting as you get to know her better”, “This is one AMAZING Lady!!! She is witty, sexy and wonderful to chat with. I always look forward to our chats, very open and honest. Just an incredible lady”, and “What to say about Alice hmm sweet. sexy tease that is always great to hear from I enjoy getting to know her more each message”.

  1. How long have you wanted surgery?
    I have wanted to have surgery since I was about 16. Around that time, I really began to blossom in certain areas more than others, haha. To be blunt, I had a nice bubble butt! Over the years, the big booty continued to be pretty constant but the breasts never really caught up. So I’ve been a small boobie big booty girl for almost 10 years now! Even when I was younger/thinner, the ration was pretty much the same. Smaller boobies and much bigger booty. I do like my breasts as they are, I just want them a little bigger and fuller so they match the butt =)
  2. Where did you hear about MFI?
    I don’t really recall exactly where I heard of it first but I heard about it years ago. I had actually signed up along with my cousin like 7 years ago but I didn’t do much past the first day or so, lol. Then last summer/fall, my friend had been talking about wanting to get implants so big boobies were on the brain and I had remembered all about the site.
  3. How long did it take you?
    It took me about 4 months and 10 days. I started shortly before Christmas and hit HOF just a few days after my birthday. Nice timing all around!
  4. About how many hours per day or week did you spend on MFI?
    Haha, oh boy. This, I am not sure of. A LOT. I mean a lottttt. Everyone needs to know this isn’t a race or competition, but I do believe putting time into the site certainly helps a lot of people. It allowed me to be here and get to know people. I’ve heard stories of others taking a different approach and ending up feeling discouraged after several days or weeks but the difference is they might not be putting in the time at all. It really feels like a second “job” of sorts, it took that much time with me, haha. I had my macbook, my iPhone, and my iPad all MFI’d up! But I would always wake up and get online to at least check messages and reply. Same thing right before bed. Whenever I had enough time to get on the site to chat or anything, I would. I never wanted to be on the site unless I was actually able to devote my time and attention to it but I managed to do it quite often and without it becoming overbearing or too much. Even though I spent a LOT of time on the site, it never felt like it was too much though because it honestly was like another social network site. I came and plan to still come around to visit with friends.
  5. What do you think was the most successful thing you did on the site?
    Hmmm after my secrets eh? Haha… Well,I guess that depends on what type of success we are talking about here. For me there are two: The personal relationships and obviously the donations towards my goal. But both are wound together, I believe, and any success I might have had is from me just being true to myself and honest with my friends here. Always uplifting and with a good attitude because that is ME. I’m not a saleswoman here, I’m quirky Alice, hahaha. So yeah, I think it was that. Being true to myself. That made me all my friends and they wanted to help me here.
  6. Do you have any special advice for other ladies?
    Yesssss. #1 first and foremost READ. THE. RULES. Do not let your account get in jeopardy because you failed to read the rules about any given subject or area of the site. You MUST learn these and stick to them. If you EVER have questions, ASK and Jeanette will help you! She’s awesome!!!Second…This is not a race nor a competition. We are all here to try and reach our goal, yes. But do not compare yourself with other women here. We are all different and have different approaches to the site. Naturally, we will have different stories to tell. Please do not compare yourself to anyone else and think “why not me?” or ‘why am I having a hard time?”. Everyone has a hard time. Everyone slows down. Some days you might have dozens of messages and tons of chats with some nice donations along with it all. Then the next day its so quiet even when you send out messages or chat requests. It happens! Do not get discouraged though.

    Third … this is the secret to reaching your goal: Never give up. Stay on the site, stay active, make REAL friends here and treat them well. The men and women here can respect each other and treating one another with respect is very important. This is key to having a positive experience. When you reach HOF, you aren’t doing so with just a stack of donation money in your name, you are doing so with a list of friends that helped you get there. Actual real living breathing people behind the photos and s. People that CHOSE to help you. They weren’t tricked into it, they weren’t forced to do it, they didn’t owe you anything…they chose to help you. Treat them well and they will treat you well. The friendships, discussions, moments, those are all just as great as hitting your goal and will be with you forever. Your experience here is what you make it….so make it a good one!

    Lastly, try and think outside the box. Make yourself unique. Try to stand out from the crowd. If everyone is probably doing something….try and put a twist on it! Make it fresh and exciting.

  7. Tell us about your first and last donation.
    My first donation was for a small photoset I had put together, shortly after I had joined the site. It was a small compilation of photos not meant for this site, but it did surprisingly well. My last donation came while I was on the road to a family BBQ. We normally have an annual family reunion but it was semi canceled this year due to the weather. Instead, a smaller group of us were going to get together at my grandmas house and have a BBQ there. Well I left my cousin’s house and was incredibly thirsty so we (my fiance and I) decided to grab a sweet tea at McDonalds. We pull up into the drive through and began to wait. I began to do what I always do when I am waiting: check mfi, maybe reply to messages. But this time it I saw something different. MUCH different!! I gazed at my phone for a few seconds and didn’t know if I were seeing things…$0 remaining?? WELCOME TO HOOTERVILLE!!! OMG I screamed, I cried, cried some more, and then a whole lot more. Happy tears of course! It was an incredible moment, one I will never ever forget. This entire journey and knowing that everyone chose to help me. ME. Then the last few days the support and positivity was just taken to an entirely new level. Especially with this last donation, coming from someone that had me laughing and full of excitement during the last leg especially. It meant a lot to get his support during the last week and the final donation of his that pushed me to HOF because he’s been with me for the long run….I mean, I’ve read other women say sometimes it was someone that they never even really spoke with and that’s awesome! The generosity and support from someone like that is great. But for me, it really meant a lot coming from him after having known each other for my entire MFI adventure 😉 Oh and I never got my sweet tea, darn!!
  8. How much of your total was from messages and how much from donations?
    $1815 in messages and $4,486.40 in donations! I love to talk, haha. I usually preferred chatting with people, so I wouldn’t feel like they would haaaave to respond to any messages, lol. But obviously they were cool with it and that was nice.
  9. When did you realize this might work for you?
    Oh I knew it would work well before I joined the site. I knew that other women had done it and I had done my own research into the site to get an idea of what it would be like. Once I did that, I knew that as long as I never gave up and stayed active I would reach my goal. I never allowed myself to be negative, treat this as a race or competition, and solely focused on the people here, not the donations. I never once straight out asked anyone for anything. I only ever asked for people to have a good day =)
  10. How big are you planning to go?
    600CC high profile for miss Alice! During my consultation, I expressed my big booty little boobies concern with my surgeon. She examined me and pretty much kept gushing about how nice my breasts/tissue were and that 600CC high profile would look amazing. It definitely sounds like what I had in mind so that’s what we are going with!
  11. Do your friends and family know about you and MFI?
    Well obviously my fiance does, since he took all of my photos, lol. My best friend knows and she has been amazingly supportive of me being here and I love her for that (and other reasons lol). Another close friend also knows (the three of us are pretty close). Other than that, nobody else knows about MFI and Alice. I do plan on telling some though. I know some will question it/me no matter what. But I have started telling a few family members and friends about the implants.
  12. What’s the best thing a benefactor did for you?
    Be my friend! Actually genuinely being my friend. Wishing me well, checking up on me when I was sick, messaging me out of the blue. The laughs, sharing a little bit into each other’s lives. Obviously there are the donations and I will forever be incredibly thankful and grateful for those, especially the generosity from those that helped me a LOT. But the donations will come and go into the implants and thats what will remain. When I look at them, I will be reminded of how I received them: From all of my friends here.
  13. What was your favorite moment during your time on MFI?
    If I had to pick one, obviously it has to be the moment my last donation came in and I hit Hall of Fame. But if I can pick a few more…. 😉 I’d say whenever someone made me bust out laughing! The awesomely fun and funny photos I would get sent. The funny late night messages and chats. The awesome profile photos which I really loved and would crack me up, lol.
  14. Was there anyone who you took inspiration from on your trip to the Hall of Fame? You don’t have to name names.
    I’ve said it before and I will say it again and again. I drew inspiration from a lot of people here. Everyone, really…but in different ways. The kind gentlemen (and lady, heeyyy girl) on the other side always inspired me to continue being true to myself. I set my limits and always stuck with them. Feeling that acceptance and reassurance was inspiring as a person. The ladies…well what can I say! The ladies of HOF and the ladies working hard to get there. Every single one inspired me because it showed they did not and were not giving up. That was my gameplan too. I would see faces on the leaderboards slowly move up and knew I would be there as well. I spent a lot of time as the #1 active spot, #1 favorite and ended at #5 or so, #4ish blogger, and #1 friendly of all time. That shows how much I love being here and how inspired I was to be a huge part of this community. The blogs were and are a constant source of inspiration. Even negative aspects like from something a benefactor would tell me about. There was one thing, early on, where I had heard some disheartening things about how some were being treated. This made me want to take a different approach and introduce something everyday which I had hoped would brighten someone’s day a bit, make them laugh, or make them smile. Sometimes sexy, sometimes, silly, but always coming from a good place without wanting anything in return. I was inspired to show there IS a lot of good trust out there and we can all have fun =)
  15. Has being on MFI made any difference in your life besides breasts and time?
    Yes, for sure. Everything I have done and experienced on MFI have been things that I had already held some amount of interest for but now they seem to have been amplified. Like the photos for example. My fiance is a huge photography nut and doing this allowed us to spend a lot of time together sharing that passion and I really really loved taking all of my photos with him. It has also opened up a few new doors in the bedroom, lol. They were unlocked and maybe the door cracked open a bit, but now I have actually walked through them, turned the light on, and made myself at home.
  16. Would you recommend it for a friend?
    Oh for sure. I have. We shall see how that pans out.
  17. Which lady are you rooting for to succeed next?
    Joannavi! Girlllllllll Crush, hehe.
  18. What new feature would you most like to see on MFI?
    Hmm, I wouldn’t say any new features. To be honest, just a little overall TLC. A mommy makeover rejuvenation, if you will, lol.
  19. If you could tell the benefactors here one thing, what would it be?
    The same thing I have been telling them for awhile and sooo much more after hitting Hall of Fame. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’m sure you hear it all the time (I would hope!!!), but I could say thank you a million times and feel that it is nowhere near being enough to properly express my gratitude and thankfulness for what you have given me. Not only my dream breasts but your friendship and support.
  20. What’s the first piece of lingerie you plan to purchase when you get your new breasts?
    Pasties. Yup, pasties so I can wear a tight top and walk around! Haha…maybe. Probably a very nice bra with no need for all that padding anymore! I will have my own secret. Sorry Victoria, I will still buy your bras but not the padded ones anymore! My boobs will be powered by my MFI friends, not padding.

Bonus Questions

  1. What question would you like me to ask the next person to make the Hall of Fame?
    What do you think will change in your life, when you get your implants?
  2. Would you change part of your journey if you could?
    Not a single thing! I am extremely proud of my time and presence here and I look forward to other ladies sharing those same feelings!
  3. Is there anything else you’d like to add?
    Thank you again to all the wonderful people here, on both sides of the site. You all have made this an incredible experience and I will forever be thankful for that. Thank you for the donations to help me reach my goal, but also thank you for your friendship and getting to know me and allowing me to get to know you all too.

Another day, more progress. We’re starting to feel much better about the chat as the primary online-presence pages are now more in sync with the chat widget. You should now notice more accuracy when looking at the Friends Online pages of the site, and the friends who are listed in the chat widget. There will still be some discrepancies sometimes when your friends set their Chat Availability to Away (for 10, 30, 60 minutes). In this case they will NOT show in the chat widget (since you can’t send them chat invites), but they WILL show up in the Girls/Guys Online and the Friends Online pages, respectively.

To summarize:

  1. IF they are online, they will be listed in the Online variants for Girls/Guys Online & Friends Online.
  2. if they are online, but not available to chat, they won’t show up in the chat widget.

A few more chat improvements in the pipeline:

  • Fix issue where Bronze benefactors can’t chat.
  • Fix issue where ALL Online members/models only displays a maximum of 10 people.
  • Add chat sounds for: New invite received, New Message received, New System Message received
  • Hide the Chat button for profiles that are offline.
  • Fix emoticons
  • Research solutions for audio echo/feedback — for now, we recommend using headphones and a mic if possible.
  • Fix issue where chat won’t load in HTTPS pages (like billing page)

A few people have mentioned issues where their video isn’t received by the other party. It’s important to wait for the other party to start their broadcast, once they do, you should see a gray system message that their video feed has started. At that point you will need to click to purple “Off” button to turn it On and begin watching/hearing the stream. This new chat uses a new technology called WebRTC, and the MFI servers no longer act as a middle-man/woman. Once a connection is established between two people the stream goes direct to the other person. Make sure you are using a modern browser (Chrome & Firefox recommended) and have a reliable internet connection (and you’re not over-saturating your bandwidth with Netflix, torrents or other high-bandwidth applications).

Read more:

Made some big strides in improving the chat performance today with a bunch of code optimizations. One of the major changes you’ll see right away is that the chat widget no longer shows Offline friends. Since you can’t chat with those people anyways, it really doesn’t make sense to show them in a chat application. You can of course still view all of your friends on the Friends page of the website. Tomorrow we are deploying a fix that should also improve the syncing between the Online Girls/Guys pages and the Online Friends pages of the site. There is still some syncing issues that cause those lists to be out of sync with the chat widget. But hopefully with tomorrows deployment, those two lists will be much more accurate and provide better insight into who actually is online.

Aside from chat there are a few other issues we’re tracking and working on fixes for like default image cropping, and some other performance issues (the site crashed last night a few times) we have the error logs for and just need to parse through them to track down the root cause and come up with a fix.

The good news is that for most people that are able to initiate a chat conversation, the actual chat seems to work just fine. The one “issue” (if you want to call it that) once you’re in a chat session is that people seem to expect a “ding” sound that a message was received. We just never added in the first place because it seemed a bit annoying. But we’ll add it back in as per the feedback we’ve received. We also plan to add a different sound alert for when you receive a chat request, as well as any system messages within the chat (like when the other person joins the chat, or when they turn on/off their cam).

The bad news is that there is still some confusion as to if/when other people are actually online. This is still a work in progress. The main issue is that there are two different pieces of technology being used to listen for and maintain a persons presence state (online vs. offline). And those two tech pieces aren’t staying in sync. We originally went with two different pieces to try and make chat more performant and put less load/stress on the actual chat system itself. During testing this seemed like the right move. However once there was a more significant number of people using the chat and website (i.e. after putting it on the live site) it became apparent that solution wouldn’t scale as we had hoped. So this is our primary objective right now: a more accurate online/offline presence system. Because as I mentioned above, once you’re able to chat, things seem pretty smooth. So we need to do a better job of letting everyone know WHO you can ACTUALLY chat with. And that should (hopefully) drastically improve the experience.

The other major issue where people couldn’t connect to the chat server have largely been fixed. We still want to add some more optimization around this to speed up the loading of the friends list as that’s still a bit slow.

More to come…

And please keep the good feedback coming.

The first update in a while, and it’s a big one with nearly 100 updates. Most notable feature is the new chat. There is currently one blocking issue (new image uploads not working as expected) and once that is resolved we will bring the site out of maintenance made and back online. More details will follow after the deployment is completed. Until then, here’s the full changelog (embedded below).

UPDATE: We’re bringing the site back online, but the issue with new images uploading is still not resolved at this time. We’ll continue to work on this outstanding issue. Please feel free to report any other issues you encounter via the Help Section so that we can address them ASAP.

UPDATE 2: The issue with images has been resolved, and any images that were uploaded previously should now be displaying correctly. Next we are tackling an issue related to online presence accuracy that is having an impact on the ability to chat.