10/10/15: We are still in underwriting for 3 “high risk” merchant accounts. Last week we also applied for 4 “mature content” payment processors.

For the last 7 years we haven’t raised our rates on donations, mainly due to the fact that we have had reasonable credit card fees. This “mature content” route is really a last resort because of the massive increases these processors would cause us to pass on to those fundraising.


As you are probably aware we have been scrambling to find a new payment processor after we were blindsided by the loss of our merchant bank of over 5 years. We want payments to be back up just as badly as our valued members. The whole community doesn’t function and we cannot afford to operate our business otherwise.

That said, we’re close to a resolution and wanted to share the latest with you. In the meantime you can top up your credits, boob bank funds, and subscriptions here.

Why is it taking so long?

MFI cannot just process payments with Paypal, Square, Amazon, or any other household credit processing platform. Not only are we a crowd funding site that is considered high risk, we allow our members a great deal of freedom to express themselves. Despite the fact that we have almost zero fraud, the combination of crowd funding and freedom of expression make 99% of traditional merchant banks shy away from working with us.

What has been done thus far to remedy this problem?

  •  We immediately submitted request for quotes to over 40 banks that consider “high risk” merchants.
  • 12 banks expressed interest in working with us
  • 12 applications were submitted: 9 were denied, 3 moved on to underwriting
  • 1 application has passed underwriting on the 30th of September, yet we still don’t have a sign off from the president of the bank. This is very frustrating!

We are hoping one of these three banks will approve us early next week. You will be the first to know when that approval is processed and the new platform is brought online.


MFI Management

While we’re all waiting to resume credit card processing, we wanted to sweeten the pot for anyone that is still on the fence about bitcoin transactions by offering you $20 in FREE MFI Boob Bucks!!

So far we’ve had over 30 brave individuals stick their toes into the bitcoin-waters, and not one has been bitten yet! Some bitcoin transactions are still pending, but so far we’ve processed over $1,000 $1,600 in bitcoin payments — and every single benefactor has received what they have paid for. Hopefully this will help reduce any fear about bitcoin viability that you might have. But we want to do more by giving away free money!

During the month of October, Coinbase is offering an incentive whereby they will give $10 to anyone that signs up and another $10 to anyone that refers them. So that’s $10 for you. And $10 for MFI if you use this link.


MFI wants to give our $10 referral credit back to you — the only catch is you have to then donate it to help fund a lovely ladies boob job!

So here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up for a NEW Coinbase account here*
  2. Setup & fund your account with $100**. It doesn’t have to be all at once, but at least $100 within the month of October.
  3. Once you receive the free $10 from Coinbase, let us know.
  4. You’ll then transfer that same (free) $10 to us, and we will add $20 to your Boob Bank.
  5. You are then free to transfer your original $100 back into your own bank account if you wish, or place another MFI order. It’s your choice. Either way, you get to keep the $20 in Free Boob Bucks and send them to any lady (or ladies) of your choosing. No questions asked.

Remember, once you receive your MFI Boob Bucks (regardless if you purchased them with credit card, cash, check, blood, gold, oil, bitcoin, titcoin, or offerings to the goddess of breasts) it still acts, smells, tastes, talks and walks just like the MFI Boob Bucks you’re already used to. It’s the exact same thing.

Oh, and ladies… you’re welcome to participate too! We’ll credit your account with a $20 donation from MFI towards your implants!***

* this offer is only valid once per customer. If you’re one of the original people that has already completed the requirements let us know so that we can credit your account.

** referral program is only valid for those of you that bank in one of the 32 supported countries.

*** We will still be paying surgeons in their local preferred currency, just like we always have. Nothing changes there.

Complete Coinbase referrals program details are available here. Just remember to use the official MFI affiliate link: https://www.coinbase.com/join/myfreeimplants so that we both get credit.

I am happy to report that we have just processed our very first successful end-to-end Bitcoin transaction!


We have more pending transactions in the queue as well and hope to complete those transactions in the coming hours/days.

A big thanks to all of the benefactors that are as excited as I am to try this cutting-edge payment technology! I feel like I’m really living in the future now! Still waiting for my jetpack however. :/

On the credit-card front we’re just waiting to hear back from underwriting as they do their due-diligence.

Finally, just to clear up some confusion on the last post. Technically you CAN use any bitcoin wallet that you want. So if you don’t reside in one of the 28 countries that Coinbase is available in, you can use other bitcoin wallets by sending the funds to our bitcoin wallet address: 1KaDrUtubYAdhdKnfjshmdocp7gQXtU9Ks We have selected them for their security, financial backing, technology and ease of use, and I believe transacting via Coinbase may be slightly faster vs. sending funds through a different wallet (but don’t quote me on that last one).


First just let us know what you would like to purchase.

To infinity and beyond!

Read more:

If you’re running low on credits/bucks and want to top off your balance we’re opening up some manual transactions to anyone who wants to help test bitcoin payments (read more on bitcoin benefits here). This is a temporary work-around to get you back into the MFI action.

Here’s how.

  • Step 1. Make sure you’ve signed up for a Coinbase account and deposited funds into your account.
  • Step 2. Fill out this form with your order (how many credits, bucks, months of subscription). No secure payment info is required at this time.
  • Step 3. We will send you a payment request via Coinbase, and once paid we will update your MFI account to reflect the payment and credit your account with boob bucks, message credits, or subscription time. You can then use your boob bucks, message credits and subscription just like you always have.

Pretty simple.

To sweeten the pot we are offering discounted subscriptions and message credit options for bulk-purchases — something we’ve never done before! Please note: during this beta-test we are setting a minimum order amount at $100 $50 since this is a lot of manual work on our part and we want to make sure everything goes smoothly. Orders will be handled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

As previously mentioned we’re working on resuming credit-card payments along with a more seamless bitcoin integration. If you want to wait for that the pan out, hang tight, but if you prefer you can join the future now! The choice is yours! 😉

We are moving as fast as we can on securing a new merchant account to restore regular payment options. In the interim we are working on a payment option through a new currency type you may have heard of: Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a relatively new digital currency — not unlike credit cards or PayPal. Bitcoin was created as a way to disrupt the status quo where the too-big-to-fail bank wield all the power in our economic system. Bitcoin was created to put the power of currency back in the hands of individuals.

At MFI we have always been big fans of challenging the status quo! Some of the benefits of bitcoin payments include:

  • Bitcoin eliminates fraud. There is no such thing as a chargeback with bitcoin transactions. This could help us reduce the wait-time for a model to have her surgery. A win for benefactors. A win for models!
  • Bitcoin reduces transactions fees. This could help us increase our margins and put more money towards site improvements and more money towards surgeries by passing on savings to you! Another win for models. Another win for benefactors!
  • Bitcoin increase donor pool. There is a large pool of potential donors worldwide we don’t even own a credit card. Bitcoin is available to virtually anyone with a computer/smartphone, in 246 countries! Another potential win for models.
  • Bitcoin is officially a commodity in the US. Just like silver, platinum, and even Gold! You know — the stuff that US money was based on. This recent development should help to further stabilize the bitcoin value.
  • Bitcoin increases privacy. In light of the hacks of Target, Anthem, OPM, Ashley Madison, and more. Everyone is looking for ways to keep their spending habits private. Bitcoin enables much more anonymity when it comes to financial transactions..

And perhaps most importantly:

  • Bitcoin disrupts! It eliminates dependencies on big-brother-banks. As a distributed transaction platform bitcoin enables MFI to operate without the need to grovel at the feet of big banks that want to pass judgement against the models and donors who CHOOSE to use MFI.

So how can we start using Bitcoin?

We are actively working on a seamless integration with Coinbase, one of the leading bitcoin platforms*. This will allow people to make payments on MFI using bitcoin with a similar check-out flow to what you are already used to. If you’re ready to help us shift the power away from big-banks & big-brother and back to The People, I would encourage you to sign-up for a Coinbase account.

Note: We are simultaneously looking to resume credit-card support since that is what people are used to. But if we can eventually transition to purely bitcoin it would be a win-win for everyone in the long run. Thanks for supporting this transition!

*Coinbase is backed by big finance firms including the NY Stock Exchange, Union Square Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz and more. They implement world-class security practices including 2FA and free access to a cold-storage vault. They have a great FAQ that I would recommend to anyone curious about their security practices or Bitcoin in general.