Getting plastic surgery can be amazing and life-changing, but only if you do it in the right way. Here are 12 things people should know before going under the knife.

A Plastic Surgeon Is Not a Fairy Godmother
Have realistic expectations, both of what your body is capable of accepting and of what your surgeon is capable of doing. “It isn’t realistic to come in asking to look like a particular celebrity,” he says. (Although, it would be wise to bring in sample photographs of what you would like your results to look similar to.) “We can’t make you into a different person but what we can do is make you into a better version of you.”

Get Surgery for You (Not Someone Else)
“Pressure from friends or a boyfriend, parents, social recognition—none of these are good reasons to get surgery.” Rather, surgeons look for patients who want to get the procedures for themselves.

Getting Turned Down Could Be Good
“I’ve absolutely told people no. Some people are just not good candidates for the plastic surgery they want. We’re not doing this to make you upset, we’re trying to protect you.”

Some Surgeons Will Operate on Anyone
But that doesn’t mean you should let them. “Everyone’s got to pay their bills, so you’ll be able to find someone willing to do the surgery you want—but that still doesn’t make it a good idea,” adding that the primary thing to look for in a good plastic surgeon, after making sure they’re board-certified, is communication. You have to be able to trust him or her. Having a trusting relationship with your doctor is important for your health.

Getting Surgery Won’t Fix Your Life
Getting your breasts done won’t make an unfaithful boyfriend stop cheating. Getting a brow lift won’t make a husband with a wandering eye stop looking at younger women. Getting lipo won’t get you that job promotion you’ve been denied. “Surgery can absolutely enhance your life, but in the end, it’s just fixing something on the outside. It can’t fix your whole life.”

It Can Become a Vicious Cycle
“Sometimes you see people who get surgery, hate the results, get more surgery to ‘fix’ it—or sometimes they love the results—but they get caught in this cycle of always trying to do one more thing, to try to look perfect”. But there is no “perfect” and even if there were, would it really be beautiful?

Don’t Do It to Feel More Beautiful
Don’t think that having surgery will make you suddenly love yourself. People who are generally unhappy with their looks will still be unhappy with the way they look, no matter how well the surgery goes because at a certain point you have to learn to love yourself, imperfections included. Rather, the patients who are happiest get surgery to fix something specific like a hooked nose, scars from a childhood accident, or too-large breasts. “These surgeries are the ones I love doing the most because they can change your whole life for the better”.

See a Therapist Beforehand
It never hurts to talk to a therapist about why exactly you want surgery before you ever talk to a doctor. In fact, it’s often recommend people see one if he thinks they haven’t thought it all through yet. “People will say, ‘I don’t like my face’ but then I ask, ‘Well what is it you don’t like? What are you hoping to achieve?’ and I know immediately from their answers if they’re ready,” he explains.

It Isn’t Easy to Fix Bad Plastic Surgery
Despite what you may have seen on TV, corrective surgery is very difficult to do and the risks are amplified.

Know Your Pain Tolerance
Any surgery entails risk and plastic surgery is no different—except the results are often even more visible than other surgeries. Even when everything goes right, there’s still a lot of pain involved in recovery. And no one wants to think they’ll be the person to have a complication, but you need to be prepared to handle it if something does go wrong.

It Isn’t Easy for Surgeons Either
Plastic surgeons have to be both medical doctor and psychological guru—to a person they’ve only met a couple of times. “I’m always amazed at how easily people are willing to put their lives in my hands, it’s a great responsibility and sometimes we worry too,” he says.

You Can Be Too Young
“I’ve seen some very mature younger people, but often young people simply may not have the life experience to make a decision of this magnitude.”

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British makeup artist Jordan James Parke has spent $150,000 on collagen injections, eyebrow tattos, laser hair removal, “vampire facials” and Botox to look like celebrity Kim Kardashian. Was it worth it? He thinks so:

“I laugh when people try to insult me by telling me I look plastic or fake,” he told the Sun. “Do they think I’m going for the natural look? If I was, I’d ask for my money back.”


Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 4.49.58 PM

The resemblance is uncanny! ;)

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The number-crunchers over at Pornhub Insights released their latest data to Swiss website 20 Minuten, complied into an inforgraophic of which countries prefer boobs to butts:


As you can see, butts are favored in South America and Latin America, which makes sense given the popularity of buttock enhancement procedures in countries like Venezuela and Brazil. On the other hand, the European Union overwhelmingly skews toward breasts, which also makes sense in terms of the popularity of breast augmentation in those countries.

In the United States, the Southern states prefer bootylicious to busty:


Though interesting, the data doesn’t really reveal anything particularly scientific or telling. As the folks over at The Daily Dot state so eloquently:

” […] it’s more just a voyeuristic peek into global masturbation habits. That said, there’s something kind of beautiful and inspiring about seeing that despite our cultural and geographical differences, the one thing that unites us all are the body parts we masturbate to.”

You learn something new every day! :)

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Katie Price recently underwent her seventh breast operation to reduce the size of her boobs, and the first photos from after the surgery show quite a dramatic change in her figure:


The mom-of five had the surgery in Belgium, and couldn’t be happier.

“They are tiny. I got everyone to hold my implants and they wondered how I could have had them hanging off me!” She said in an exclusive interview with OK! magazine.

“People have told me not to go any smaller now because they think I won’t look like me. They’re used to seeing me with big boobs but it will be nice for people to look at my face!”

Forget about the size of her boobs, why is no one talking about that awesome jumpsuit…? ;)

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It’s been a while since our last tech-related update so I wanted to take a few minutes to communicate to everyone the progress of site updates.

A new & improved MFI chat service remains our top priority. Part of the reason it has taken so long to bring this feature to light is that we are working with a bleeding-edge web technology called WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication). The technology itself is still in development and is not yet fully supported across all of the browsers we support on MFI. We still see a decent number of people connecting to MFI using Microsoft Internet Explorer, and it wasn’t until just recently that Microsoft finally decided to support WebRTC. We firmly believe WebRTC is the right way to go since Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and over 80 other technology companies are supporting this new protocol. This means the technology should continue to evolve and improve at a rapid pace with widespread adoption and should ‘future-proof’ the new chat and enable it to work across many platforms (including mobile). The current state of our chat application is that it’s feature-complete but we are still encountering connectivity bugs. IMHO at this stage the connectivity issues just don’t make it a suitable replacement for the current chat even though it too has issues at times. We will continue working on this until it’s stable and ready for MFI. The fact that WebRTC is developing quickly and old legacy browsers are dying out are both working in our favor, but work still remains.

Speaking of the existing chat, over the weekend we were struck by a double-whammy that unfortunately caused some outages.


One of our chat servers had a scheduled maintenance during off-peak usage. It was supposed to take 2 hours and since it needed to be rebooted it would result in some intermittent downtime during the 2 hour window. That wasn’t so much the issue. What really screwed the pooch was when another completely unrelated & unexpected network issue decided to rear it’s ugly head. I’ll quote the hosting providers email.

We detected a communication problem with a segment of services. More broadly, this affected a portion of our dedicated and virtual private server customers also experiencing related problems with their SQL database connections (for those dedicated and VPS customers consuming databases from our public SQL cloud service).

As a result of the communication issue, which we will explain in further detail below, affected customers experienced limited, intermittent, or extended loss of availability with one or more of their hosted services (e.g. web, database, email, DNS, etc.). For a majority of those affected, the resulting outage lasted for approximately two hours, with a smaller number of services experiencing an outage totaling slightly over five hours.

We can assure you that this issue, for all affected customers, was specific to network communication, and not related to any hardware or equipment failures. This is to emphasize that hosted data-your data-was not affected, damaged, compromised, or lost due tothe incident. We can also assure you that this issue was not a result of any malicious act or attack against our network.

From our internal findings, we have determined that the cause of Saturday’s issue was an anomaly that occurred within the software-controlled interfaces that facilitate and govern traffic between the affected segment and our broader network. This anomaly occurrence in the software led to the availability issues you may have experienced, but also resulted in complications from designed failovers in certain server groups, which required additional work that we needed to perform in order to bring all services back to normal operations.

At this time, we are continuing to investigate the absolute root cause of what led to the anomaly, so that we can take aggressive steps to prevent and safeguard against this issue in the future. These steps will include working closely with the software vendor for our network devices.

So ya, that happened. :( and thanks to Murphy, it happened at the least opportune moment since we couldn’t get the chat server to even respond to requests until the network issues was resolved.

Obviously we didn’t anticipate the new chat development process to take as long as it has, and because of this our development branches have gotten so far out of sync that at this point it hardly makes sense to try and do a feature release before chat is ready. Obviously this is a less than ideal situation but it’s the reality of where we find ourselves and for that reason we will be transitioning to an Agile development model after this pending release so that we don’t find ourselves backed into a corner like this again.

Thanks for your continued patience and understanding as we try to work within the limitations of this new technology to bring you a better MFI. As we make more progress we’ll try and share more information regarding the long-awaiting private beta test.