So now that you’ve got the scoop on how to take the perfect selfie {using a camera phone}, any ideas on what they could be used for? The perfect profile photo, teaser photos, public/private album profile gallery photos? And if a photo set was created and consisted of ALL selfies, do you think it would make for a popular set for sale?

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A few people have reported issues to us regarding images not displaying, or not displaying right away. This problem arose recently after an influx of new people signing up — primarily from the UK — after a bunch of new press erupted across the interwebs. And while we generally welcome new press exposure, this one in particular exposed a problem with our image rendering code that we previously never noticed. A good problem to have I suppose.

Current Issue
The current implementation of the image handler is failing when the website has a high amount of traffic due to insufficient memory. Failure of the image handler is resulting in a few issues such as “silhouetted images”, “no image” when trying to select default image, and sometimes no images are rendering on some pages at all. This problem is related to a bug in Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), where the number of processes increases steadily and eventually fails. This would explain why sometimes images would show up, sometimes they wouldn’t, and sometimes they would show up later. It was particularly hard to pin this one down because it seemed so random! But the randomness was certainly affected by times of high-usage, which explains why it didn’t effect everyone.

We already put in place a temporary fix that will recycle the memory pool more frequently and this solved the issues for the most part. In order to solve the problem outright we are building the new image handler using a new 3rd party image processing library.

Additionally, we are going to improve the image processing tasks by implementing thread based requests. That means if an image is requested from the server, and if the image is not already in the cloud it will be sent to the image handler to process it and put processed image in the cloud. At this point, while the image is being processed, any subsequent request for the same image (for example from another person) will wait for the previous action to complete, and once it is completed the image will be rendered. Here, we will improve the performance, so one image will not be processed more than once, by more than one person. In terms of the experience for you, when concurrent request to view one image are made while it is in the process of being resized, you will see a “loader” image until the requested image has been processed, and as soon as it is ready it will display in your browser — all without required a page refresh.

UPDATE (April 22): We completed the integration of the new image processing library and we will be doing some load testing on our development server to make sure it can handle large volumes of traffic. If all is good, we’ll deploy it to the live website later today.

perfect woman

For women, she’s got the face of Cara Delevingne and the legs of Elle Macpherson, both notable models. For men, she’s got Scarlett Johansson’s hair, and surprisingly not her boobs.

The above photo represents what the perfect woman looks like to men and women, according to a recent survey conducted by Bluebella.


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The #itouchmyselfproject is a new breast cancer awareness campaign inspired by the late Chrissy Amphlett who passed away last year after a battle with breast cancer and multiple sclerosis. The campaign uses Amphlett’s early 90′s international hit “I Touch Myself” as the anthem for the new movement.

Ten of Australia’s greatest female singers came together to record their version of the classic Aussie hit in the below video for the campaign:

When she found out she had breast cancer, Amphlett herself was quoted in recommending the song to help spread awareness and highlight the importance of checking for early signs of cancer.


The campaign encourages the public to upload and tag “#itouchmyselfies” to help spread the word. You can check out the message and campaign here.

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