About Us is a social funding company that provides the only no cost alternative to expensive cosmetic surgery loans. The service is a specialized social networking website that provides fundraising for women who have a strong desire to enhance their physical appearance through breast augmentation surgery, and donors who wish to make a difference in their lives.

  • The first and only trusted source for obtaining free breast augmentation
  • Over $8 Million dollars fund-raised by clients since 2005
  • Hundreds of success stories each year
  • Featured on countless news and media networks across the world

I'm Natasha, the first woman to receive free breast implants from the contributions of friends all over the world. To this day I have so much gratitude for their generosity. I love the way my new body looks and the confidence it has given me to pursue my goals in life.

How It All Began... started in early 2005 when a bunch of friends were attending a bachelor party in Las Vegas. During the course of the party a conversation started up about how our hostess had the most perfect set of breasts. She told us how she had just recently "gotten them done." Her beautiful friend chimed in and mentioned that she wanted to get hers done but could not yet afford the $6000 price tag. One of us yelled out "I got $5 on it" and then someone else offered $10, and then $20, and then $50. By the time we done there was a verbal commitment amongst all our friends to pay for 20% of her implants!

With that initial brain storm and proof of concept we set out to actually raise the rest of the money needed for a full procedure. We came up with the name and put together a quick website and started spreading the word online. It was an instant hit and donations poured in from all over the world. Within 4 months the remainder of the money was raised and a woman's dream of bigger breasts was achieved.

From there we took the concept to the next level and expanded the website from helping out just one lady, to an entire community of women. In July of 2005 the community version of launched. Within the first couple of weeks the traffic to the website quadrupled and people were creating accounts left and right, eventually forcing us to purchase more bandwidth and faster servers just to keep up with the demand!

Four months later the next success story emerged when a girl named Angel from Texas reached her goal and received a free breast augmentation -- paid for by a group of people world wide all chipping in a few bucks.

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Where We're At Today...

Since our founding many competitors have come on gone, but MyFreeImplants continues to challenge traditional financial conglomerates by providing the only no cost alternative to expensive cosmetic surgery loans. Today our website members raise millions of dollars per year funding hundreds of breast augmentations in dozens of different countries worldwide. The once small social network now involves tens of thousands of members, all coming together to help women earn free breast implants.


Press Coverage

MyFreeImplants has been featured on hundreds of media outlets worldwide. Below are just a few of highlights.

TV Coverage

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    A website for women who are flat chested and flat broke –CBS News - Atlanta
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    Good luck with this...and continue to make women happy! –Tyra Banks on The Tyra Banks Show
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    While Internet fund-raising is not new, it certainly is entering a new territory with websites like MyFreeImplants carving a niche (and profitable) market for themselves. –BBC America

Radio Coverage

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    I think this is a real public service, and honestly the government should be funding this site it's so great! –The Kevin & Bean Show on The World Famous KROQ
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    You're doing the lords work! I want to thank you... –Adam Carolla on The Adam Carolla Radio Show
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    If you love the big tata's, if you love implants, go to this site and help a sister out! –John DeVore, Maxim Radio on SIRIUS Satellite

Print Coverage

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    ...a Web site where women who want breast augmentation can connect with "benefactors" willing to contribute to the cause, sometimes a dollar at a time –Las Vegas Sun
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    Free Plastic Surgery - Would You Let A Man Pay For Your New Breasts? –Elle Magazine
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    There is a website that promises to pay for a new pair [of breast implants], free of charge. –Fox News